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AGES 3-6


About us

   The program has been developed using the guiding principles of Waldorf education and an anthroposophical view of the young child. The teacher along with the assistant creates an environment that is full of love, warmth, and beauty. A rhythmical day includes practical and meaningful activities such as grinding corn, churning butter, milling wheat, baking bread and chopping vegetables. Each day a whole grain snack and meal are shared, providing the children not only with nourishment but also with the opportunity to learn proper table etiquette and to develop gratitude and reverence.  Movement, imaginative play, transformation, and practical work promote healthy sense development. The children are engaged in their will senses as they build, garden and care for the hens. The circle is seasonal and full of opportunities for imitation, learning and fun. The indoor part of the day includes rest, story, puppet shows, coloring with beeswax crayons, painting and seasonal activities. Finger games introduce dexterity, counting, and other skills that are needed for future academic work. Social relationships and positive interactions contain much of the learning in early education and are truly essential life skills. This developmentally appropriate program encourages positive individual growth while allowing for group cohesion. The morning is mainly held outdoors in the natural beauty and the ever-changing cycle of the seasons.   


Earth and Sky Farm

Earth and Sky Farm is a family operated small biodynamic farm located just 4 miles from The Garden


 We care for the earth and grow and prepare our own food. The children have the opportunity to develop relationships with the farm animals fostering love and responsibility.


Each day we gather at the table for meal time-this is a time to bless our meal and provide nourishment and the opportunity to learn proper table etiquette and to develop gratitude and reverence

The Garden joins together with Earth and Sky Farm for learning and therapeutic agriculture.

Promoting healthy sense development as a foundation for the future is the work of early education.

Sowing Seeds


songs, stories, coloring, finger games and other fun activities introduce skills needed for future academic work 


social relationships and positive interactions are much of the learning in early education 

Nature Based

most of the day is held outdoors providing the children opportunities for movement. balance, strength and more

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Now accepting applications for autumn 2017.

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day starts at 8:15

half day 8:15-12:15

full day 8:15-3:15

extended day ends 6

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